Saturday, January 21, 2012

[ RICK OWEN's universe ]

"History has provided us with touchstones and symbols that we get to mix and rearrange to create new compositions in fashion. 
These arrangements can at times hit similar chords that art can..." - RICK OWENS

 RICK OWENS is so deep. I love the design of the NYC store...Severe, dark and a-symmetrical silhouettes peering out the window... you enter the store & you are completely taken by those minimal tracks out of the speaker system . The softness of the fabrics are heavenly, the cuts perfection & so unique.
I especially love the constructions of his jackets & the jersey basics. Unbeatable. 
Always had a big crush on this leather jacket (pictures above)... in my eyes one of the most desirable items for every wardrobe.

Read the full interview of Rick Owens ANOTHER MAGAZINE. Very inspiring.

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