Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[ LOVE #7 ]

This is a little preview from the next issue of the LOVE magazine... picture by Mario Testino, with the fabulous Lara Stone & Kate Moss. Absolutely in love with this shot... can't wait to see the styling (by Panos Yiapanis)  !!

It's on sale Feb 6 2012....

[ swinging LONDON ]

Some people will not be familiar with JEAN SHRIMPTON but she was massive in the 60s and an icon of Swinging London. She is considered to be one of the world's first supermodels and appeared on covers such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, etc. 
In photo-shoots Shrimpton wore all the latest fashions of the day, but it was her off-duty style that really turned her into a sartorial icon.
As a model and actress she constantly pushed the boundaries of fashion in a time when women were just beginning to break free from conforming to societies opinion of what a women should be. She was once described as the "most beautiful face" and was instrumental in the launch of the mini skirt...
I think she is still a very inspiring woman & has that certain "je ne sais quoi"... very cool.

Monday, January 30, 2012

[ AIR & earth ]

Love this editorial from HARPER'S BAZAAR Australia March 2012.... these images are so powerful & sensual... and Marloes as a model stunning!

Photographer: Will Davidson
Stylist: Jillian Davison
Model: Marloes Horst

[ go GREEN ]

When you say "green hair" I don't think I would go for it ...but I actually really liked it when I saw this picture. This hair colour might be very unusual but really cool the way this lady did it!

p.s.: also love the leopard booties & the pastel colour outfit :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Check out the new SS12 collection of Topshop BOUTIQUE... metallic silk shifts, Prince of Wales separates, twill A-line skirts and neon knits. There is plenty already on my wish list.... I love the Boutique collection for the cool basics! 

Click here to see what's already available online.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

[ DUSTY pink ]

In the mood for summer... In the mood for pastell. Dusty pink, please.

[ coooooOOol ]

ALEXANDER WANG has such an exciting SS12 collection... somehow simple but i love the sporty coolness!! also, there is plenty of colour, in case you need some brightness for the new season :)

have a look at net-à-porter

Friday, January 27, 2012

[ freiday mood - LIFE]

... a little thought for today.

[ blossoming STELLA ]

I always loved the "collage" looking ad campaigns from STELLA McCARTNEY!
It will come as no surprise to learn that she chose her close friend, and supermodel Natalia Vodianova to star in her Spring/Summer 2012 campaign. Vodianova opened the show last year during Paris fashion week...
The ad campaign shows Vodianova in two of the pieces from the collection; the ink Paisley print shirt and trousers, and the Fitzroy dress with 3-D embroidered edges. 
Summer can come!

[ sisterhood ]

... one of the coolest sister on planet earth, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. Those handbags (as always) are to die for!
This week they nominated a new president for THE ROWFrancois Kress, formerly the CEO of Prada. Very exciting news.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

[ new hair ]

Love this haircut and hair colour a lot.... a little bit messy & "grown out".
I wouldn't give up my fringe just yet, but this is definitely some super cool option for a little bit later ;)

[ goddess of givenchy ]

No words necessary.... the couture collection of GIVENCHY is goddess like perfection! soooo beautiful!

more pictures on style.com

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[ black & white ]

Oh that bag.... love it!
ALEXANDER WANG Raphael Shoulder Bag - at net-à-porter

[ roseANNA]

I keep an eye on french brand ROSEANNA for a little while now... and really love their collections. 
Behing this young brand (founded 2007) are Roxanne Thiery and Anne Fleur Broudehoux. 90% of their collections are produced in France... I know that's not the easiest way especially for a young fashion house but I love the idea. 

Click here to see the collections of ROSEANNA.


If you ever did some cross-stich embroideries you know how long it takes to produce something like that!! Big respect from my side... !

This is the work of artist INGE JACOBSEN.
The work Jacobsen is currently making is an intervention into found images through embroidery, cutting & collaging. It takes roughly 50 hours to finish one image!
Jacobsen: "Another theme and concept I’m exploring in my work is the ‘objectness’ of a photograph. By bringing the surface of the image to the attention of the viewer I want them to acknowledge the stitched pieces as objects rather than just images. It seems appropriate to be using fashion magazines as women are often objectified within them. There is also a link between the feminine craft of cross stitching and the women’s magazine. I’d like the viewer to see the connection between women’s hobbies from generations ago and the hobbies and past-times of my generation...."

What a work!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[ ...no FUSS ]

When couture week starts I'm most excited about BROUCHRA JARRAR.
She loves bold, graphic lines & sharp cut masculine influenced tailoring. So different then some other "tulle & pomp" inspired collections shown during these days. She does her own thing with big success... love her knit & fur/feathers wrap around collars & her play with stripes! BRAVO!

Click here to see the full collection on style.com

[ kiss my LIPS ]

I'm looking for the perfect red-wine colour lipstick!
Love this shade for winter time...

Monday, January 23, 2012

[ she's got the LOOK ]

Let's ignore that this is Ashlee Simpson.... but I have to admit that I love her look here!
Some kind of weird combination between some vintage fur collar coat, a fedora, skinny jeans, Ray-Ban sunglasses & that amazing Birkin bag!! ... a touch of ladylike but still super cool! Well done.

[ DARIA's jewelry box ]

... Daria Werbowy in some of her personal jewelry, shot by Gigi Stoll for Vogue Paris. I'm sure there is plenty more treasures in Daria's jewelry box... wish I could have a sneak peak at it ;)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

[ happy year of the DRAGON ]

In less than a week’s time people across the world will be celebrating Chinese New Year – a time for celebrating with family. Money is often given as a gift in envelopes, and as red is the colour of luck and prosperity, this is traditionally used to decorate during the festivities.

The year 2012 (starting 23 January) in the Chinese Calendar is the year of the Dragon. In Asia the Dragon is a symbol of good fortune & a sign of intense power. 
Some characteristics for the people born in the Dragon year are "innovative, enterprising, brave, passionate, quick-tempered,...."

MULBERRY is giving out packs of cute red Dragon envelopes (picture above) in store from now on until after the Chinese New Year on the 23 January (click here).

Happy new year!

[ these BOOTS are made for walking ]

These boots from TOPSHOP have the perfect heel height & are super comfortable.
I know... best would have been to save up for the ACNE pistol boots, but it was such a price difference that (for once) I prefer the one from Topshop ;)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

[ chunky cool ]

Once in a while I go through my "archive" of "DIY" inspirational pictures..... a rather big collection meanwhile!
One of the things I really want to try for this summer is this kind of knitwear sweater from ISABEL MARANT. Love this super-chunky-multi-color-multi-yarn top a lot!
And since I'm in the mood for "make things happen" I know what my next project will be ;)

[ RICK OWEN's universe ]

"History has provided us with touchstones and symbols that we get to mix and rearrange to create new compositions in fashion. 
These arrangements can at times hit similar chords that art can..." - RICK OWENS

 RICK OWENS is so deep. I love the design of the NYC store...Severe, dark and a-symmetrical silhouettes peering out the window... you enter the store & you are completely taken by those minimal tracks out of the speaker system . The softness of the fabrics are heavenly, the cuts perfection & so unique.
I especially love the constructions of his jackets & the jersey basics. Unbeatable. 
Always had a big crush on this leather jacket (pictures above)... in my eyes one of the most desirable items for every wardrobe.

Read the full interview of Rick Owens here...at ANOTHER MAGAZINE. Very inspiring.

Friday, January 20, 2012

[ freiday mood - ELEGANCE ]

words - Rick Owens

[ a THEORY of it's own ]

Okay, this is really rare.... looking at the Pre-Fall 12 collection of THEYSKEN'S THEORY I wanted to wear each & EVERY single look! ...head to toe!
A super cool & dark collection yet soft & romantic, a perfect mix.
I could have posted ALL the pictures because I really love them all, but that would have been a little bit too much ;)

Click here to check it out for yourself on style.com.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

[ thank you ]

... to all the people thinking of me yesterday. I had a fantastic day!

[ under my skin ]

I think tattoos are sooo fascinating, I love them on other people... and for ages I consider having one myself. But I guess I'm too "chicken" to actually "do it" or maybe it's just because I haven't fallen in love with any particular sign.... 
But since I love typos/letters/lyrics a lot, something like that could suit me... the pictures above is this kind of tattoo that inspires me! 
Very poetic & beautiful.

picture source from the "tattoologist" - click here


oH wOW.... only VALENTINO can do such things... these dresses are incredible beautiful! The colors, fabrics & embroideries so romantic and yet so dramatic.
Since my post "say yes" (click here) I'm convinced that if I ever get married it has to be in a Valentino gown!!